How to Change a Mercedes-Benz Key Battery

How do you change a Mercedes-Benz key battery? Every Mercedes-Benz smart key battery requires replacement every so often, like any other non-rechargeable battery. Read or watch the video below and learn how to change your key battery!

  1. To check if your battery needs replacement, press the lock or unlock button and if the check lamp does not light up briefly, the battery may need to be replaced
  2. In some models, a message may be displayed in the instrument cluster instructing you to change they key battery
  3. To remove the battery cover, slide the release tab on the bottom of the key to remove the mechanical key
  4. Insert the thin end of the mechanical key into the non-indented opening of the smart key
  5. Press inward to release the battery cover then remove the battery cover and set aside
  6. Tap the key against the palm of your hand to remove the battery
  7. A CR2025 three volt battery is required
  8. Insert the new battery with the engraved side up and reinstall the battery cover
  9. Dispose of the old battery according to local guidelines

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