What Is Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® and KEYLESS START®?

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No need to fumble with keys. Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS START® and KEYLESS GO® technologies offer you with an easy way to unlock, lock, start and stop your Mercedes-Benz without the hassle of digging out your keys from your purse of pocket.

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Before we get ahead of ourselves, you’re probably wondering what’s the difference between KEYLESS START® and KEYLESS GO®? Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont in the Bay Area has the answers to all of your questions.

  • Mercedes KEYLESS START®: With KEYLESS START®, you can step on the brake or press the Start/Stop button on the dashboard to start your car—no key required. This feature comes standard across the Mercedes-Benz lineup.
  • Mercedes KEYLESS GO®: This feature is essentially an upgrade of KEYLESS START®. You can start the engine by pressing the brake pedal or dash-mounted button. By sensing your key in your purse or pocket, KEYLESS GO® also has the ability to automatically unlock/lock the doors when you touch the door handle. This feature comes standard in models like the GLE Coupe and S-Class Coupe and available as on option on any new Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Keyless GO

How to Use Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®

With Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®, you can unlock, lock, start and stop your car or even close your windows and sunroof from the OUTSIDE of your vehicle, simply by having your Smartkey in the immediate vicinity of your Mercedes-Benz.

To unlock your car, firmly grip the driver door handle.  To unlock all doors, grab any of the passenger handles. Most models have a removable push button located in the ignition and the dash that allows you to insert your Smart Key and start your Mercedes-Benz with a metal key. This can come in handy if the Mercedes-Benz key fob battery dies.

If your button is in place, each press is like turning the key one position as long as you don’t press on the brake.  With one touch you can turn on your vehicle’s accessories such as the radio.

Press the button a second time and the dash lights and all electrical items will turn on.

Press a third time with your foot off the brake, and everything turns off. You can also turn all features off by opening your door.

To turn the engine on, simply step on the brake and push the START/STOP button. To turn the engine off, stop the car, leave your foot on the brake, and press the START/STOP button once again. Remember to always shift to park and set the parking brake first.

If you want to lock your vehicles from the outside, simply touch the sensor located on the door handle. Forgot to close the windows and sunroof? No problem. Keep your finger on the sensor until the windows finish closing.

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