How to Connect Your Phone to Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth®

May 6th, 2019 by

Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth display on touchscreen

Pairing your phone to Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth®* is beneficial in many ways. For one, it creates a safer and more focused driving experience by allowing for handsfree calling when driving down Newark roads. Learn more about how to connect your phone to Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® using a Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® pairing code below!

How to Connect Bluetooth® to Your Phone

  1. Turn on your vehicle.
  2. Using your central controller, navigate to the “Telephone Settings” on the color display.
  3. Once you select the “Telephone Settings” option, your screen should display, “Ready for Bluetooth® Telephony… (No Phone Authorized).” When you see this screen, take your phone and turn on your Bluetooth® settings. Make sure that your phone is visible/discoverable to Bluetooth®. To pair a phone to Bluetooth®, the phone must be on.
  4. Press the “Connect Device” option on your Mercedes-Benz color display.
  5. Then, push the “Search for Phones” option on the color display.
  6. The name of your device should appear on the color display once Bluetooth® recognizes it. Press the button that shares the name of your device.
  7. A 6-digit Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® pairing code will then be shown on the color display. You will also get a notification on your phone with a 6-digit code.
  8. If this code matches the Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® pairing code on your vehicle’s screen, press “Pair” on your phone.
  9. When successfully connected, the Mercedes-Benz screen will have the name of your device displayed on the bottom of the screen.

Get More Helpful Tips from Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont

If you have trouble pairing Bluetooth® or are wondering, “What do I do if my Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth® won’t connect to my phone?” contact us at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont! One of our experts can help assess the issue and assist you in successfully connecting your phone. What’s more, we can also help you by giving you additional pointers for your Mercedes-Benz, including how to check tire pressure on your vehicle and when to change your wiper blades!

*Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth® SIG, Inc.

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