What is BlueTEC® Technology?

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What is BlueTEC® technology? Rated #1 in C02 emissions for luxury vehicles by Germany’s ADAC, BlueTEC® remains a gold standard in the clean-diesel industry. This powerful yet eco-friendly technology is available in all 50 states and enhances the utility of vehicles like Mercedes-Benz SUVs. Imbued with BlueTEC® diesel technology, a new Mercedes-Benz SUV is a formidable force, providing more torque than your average gas-powered SUV without the tendency to guzzle fuel. Backed by years and years of testing and revision, BlueTEC® clean-diesel engines promise the blend of capability and efficiency Milpitas and Union City drivers need.

How Does BlueTEC® Diesel Work?

BlueTEC®-powered Mercedes-Benz SUVs are arguably the most impressive clean-diesel machines on the automotive market. To achieve ultra-low-emission performance, BlueTEC® diesel engines use a combination of high-pressure fuel injection technology and advanced turbochargers. The secret ingredient, however, is a revolutionary liquid solution known as AdBlue®. This substance is injected into the exhaust and transforms potentially harmful nitrogen oxide emissions into nitrogen and oxygen. Simply put, BlueTEC® is one of, if not the most, exciting advancements to hit San Jose since the first turbo-diesel was introduced in 1977.

Benefits of a BlueTEC® Mercedes-Benz SUV

Compared to gas-powered alternatives, BlueTEC® Mercedes-Benz SUVs offer much greater torque and fuel economy. For example, the 2016 GL 350 BlueTEC® generates 240 hp and a whopping 455 lb-ft of torque and earns up to 26 mpg on the highway. What’s more, BlueTEC® Mercedes-Benz SUVs produce up to 30% lower greenhouse-gas emissions than gasoline options. You’ll enjoy SUV-caliber power with a much lower environmental impact. BlueTEC®-powered Mercedes-Benz SUVs are also compatible with ultra-low-sulfur and B5 Biodiesel fuels, giving you more options when you stop to fill up the tank in the Bay Area.

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