Why Does Your Sprinter or Metris Need Mercedes-Benz-Recommended Tires?


Whether you’re delivering products in Fremont, or picking up stock in San Jose, your Mercedes-Benz Van’s tires bear the brunt of each and every drive. Both the Sprinter and Metris Vans proudly wear the three-pointed Star of Mercedes-Benz, which means they’re skillfully manufactured to keep running smoothly across harsh weather conditions or on rough terrain without showing any deterioration in performance. However, they can only function as they ought to when you let them ride on OEM tires – available at our fully stocked tire center!

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Mercedes-Benz Vans Run on Quality

Sprinter and Metris Vans were created for drivers who require faultless peace of mind during every drive, and they perform that role to perfection. However, like any other vehicle, their tires should be inspected and changed at regular intervals if they are to remain in control of the ground below.

A worn tread can compromise your ability to maintain command over your vehicle, particularly while crossing slick roads or carrying heavier loads. Regular tire inspections can even reveal underlying problems with parts, such as the brakes and the suspension system. No other part of your Sprinter Cargo Van or Metris Worker Cargo Van can betray or reveal performance issues like the tires, so treat them to regular inspections and change them accordingly.

Importance of Manufacturer-Recommended Tires

Tires can be made to run on a variety of surfaces and across a range of conditions, or they can be specialized to meet certain exact needs. No matter the type of tire you need, one thing stays the same: there’s no substitute for Mercedes-Benz van tires.

As the only contact point between body and road, the wheels need to be finely made and able to handle the unstoppable capability you demand from a Sprinter or Metris vehicle. Only Mercedes-Benz-recommended tires can be expected to perform to the brand’s exacting standards, and anything less is likely going to reduce performance, handling, and fuel economy.

Maintaining Safe Tires is a Responsibility You Can’t Ignore

It can be tempting to delay the replacement or inspection of tires, but the consequences of doing so, or of accepting tires that don’t come recommended by Mercedes-Benz, can have dire consequences. For further information on the importance of choosing Mercedes-Benz Van tires, contact us at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont near Newark! Give us a call at (510) 250-2216, or visit our dealership at 5760 Cushing Parkway in Fremont, CA.