Flat Tire Replacement and Much More at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont


The performance excellence of your Mercedes-Benz is owed in large part to its specially designed tires. So, if you need flat tire replacement, or wish to upgrade your tires, it’s a smart idea to pay a visit to a Mercedes-Benz dealer you can trust for a wide selection of tires and wheels from authorized brands. That’s where the Tire Center at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont comes in! In addition to carrying tires from top-rated brands, we offer comprehensive tire protection and flat tire replacement for Fremont, CA drivers.

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Why Buy OEM Tires?

Compared to OEM brands, aftermarket tires – which are typically sold at independent auto shops – usually don’t offer the same levels of strength, reliability, and traction. This is why choosing recommended tires is so important. Rigorously tested under the harshest of conditions, Mercedes-Benz-approved tires are fabricated to hold up to whatever nature can dish out. That being said, we carry a vast inventory of Mercedes-Benz Original (MO) and Mercedes-Benz Original Extended (MOE) tires from authorized brands:

  • Continental
  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone

When you purchase a tire/s from Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont, you’re automatically enrolled in our 12-Month Road Hazard Protection Program. For the first 12 months, you’ll enjoy tire replacement coverage of up to 100% on tires priced as high as $550. This is yet another dealership exclusive our customers can expect!

When is Tire Replacement a Necessity?

Generally, tire replacement is necessary for two reasons: regular wear and tear or irreparable damage. Regardless of your driving habits, tire tread diminishes over time due to continuous contact with the road. When your tires’ tread depths measure in at less than 2/32nds of an inch, it’s time to pay a visit to our tire center! If your tire is punctured or gashed, replacement may be the only option, depending on the depth and location of the damage. If our Master Certified Technicians can’t plug and patch the damage, they’ll help you select a new tire that complements your vehicle’s performance profile.

We’re Alameda County’s Mercedes-Benz Tire Experts!

Whether you need a brand-new set of MOE tires, or emergency flat tire replacement, the team at Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont is in your corner! To browse our selection of OEM tires, visit our dealership at 5760 Cushing Parkway in Fremont, CA. If you’d like to book a service appointment, contact us at 510-279-2560, or complete our online scheduling form!