How to Use Mercedes-Benz Voice Control

How do you use Mercedes-Benz voice control? Individualized Voice Control is one of many intelligent Mercedes-Benz features to make your driving experience as easy as possible. Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how to use it!

  1. Using the command controller in the center console, select vehicle
  2. Move down the screen and select system settings, voice control, then start new individualization
  3. Based on your preference, choose yes or no to learning more information
  4. Wait for the beep sound and repeat the following on the screen
  5. Identify the voice command button on your steering wheel – It has a picture of a face with voice lines
  6. Press the button, wait for a beep, then give your car a command

What are some commands you can give?

  • To call, say “call name” followed by the contact name
  • To get directions, say “enter destination” followed by house number, street, and town

Tip: Microphones are located on the top rear view mirror, so talk towards the mirror for the best results!

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