How to Set the Clock in your Mercedes-Benz

How do you set the clock in your Mercedes-Benz? Daylight savings time occurs every once in a while. This means your Mercedes-Benz clock needs to be adjusted accordingly. Keep reading or watch the video below to learn how!

  1. Be sure to set the clock with the vehicle outdoors to ensure a strong GPS signal reception
  2. To set the clock, press the system button on command, select time, then time zone
  3. For daylight savings time, select daylight savings time or standard time and the instrument cluster will reset automatically
  4. If you wish to set manually, set the clock to a different time of day, select time, then set it
  5. Rotate the command controller left or right to change the clock setting
  6. The clock can only be set in 30 minute increments
  7. Press the command controller down to save the change

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