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Luxury Car Detailing in Fremont

Have you been considering refreshing the look of your Mercedes-Benz? Are you wondering, “What is car detailing?” Mercedes-Benz detailing involves much more than a car wash, it’s a deep clean and treatment of both the outside and inside of your vehicle. If you bring your vehicle in for car detailing in Fremont, what can you expect? Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont’s service center breaks down the car detailing process below! 

What is Car Detailing & How is it Performed?

Mercedes-Benz Car Detailing ServicesIf you’re just looking to remove some light layers of dirt, a car wash may be enough for your exterior. However, if you want a deep clean to restore the look of your Mercedes Benz to like-new condition, car detailing services are in order. Schedule vehicle detailing near San Jose, and your vehicle will first receive a car wash. Next, your paint will be examined, followed by buffing and polishing. If needed, there are treatments that can be used to restore your vehicle’s appearance. Premium wax or a clay bar is often used on the exterior, while interior car detailing usually includes treatments like stain removal or leather conditioning. 

What’s Included in Exterior Car Detailing Services? 

Many of your vehicle’s imperfections can be handled with exterior car detailing services, such as light scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation. While car detailing in Fremont can help with the appearance of your Mercedes-Benz, it’s not meant to address major paint damage. At your car detailing appointment, you can expect the following services to be performed.

  • The body is washed, and then microfiber towels are used to dry the vehicle.
  • Exterior parts like wheels, brake calipers, and lug nuts will be cleaned.
  • Stuck-on dirt may be loosened with a clay bar treatment.
  • Imperfections will be buffed out during polishing.
  • Paint is waxed for added shine and protection.
  • Your windows and rubber parts are cleaned.

Interior Car Detailing Services: What’s Included?

The first step in interior car detailing services is to vacuum the interior, followed by shampooing the upholstery. Vinyl and plastic services will be cleaned, and then if you have leather upholstery or surfaces, they’ll be washed and then conditioned. Window interiors and trims are also cleansed. 

Why Choose Mercedes-Benz Detailing?

Before you schedule your next vehicle detailing near Newark, you’ll want to consider the benefits of Mercedes-Benz detailing. This service is performed by Mercedes-Benz experts who are well-versed in the luxury materials and paints used in manufacturing your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. You’ll also know that every Mercedes-Benz car detailing is done using only recommended products to ensure great results. 

Learn More About Car Detailing in Fremont Today! 

Want more details on Mercedes-Benz car detailing? Want to get an estimate for your car detailing services for your vehicle? Reach out to Fletcher Jones Motorcars of Fremont’s service center to learn more! 

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