3 Hikes to Do in Fremont for Valentine’s Day

February 11th, 2020 by

As much as you love driving your Mercedes-Benz around the Fremont area, mix it up this Valentine’s Day weekend and explore Fremont by foot. Discover these 3 hikes we have found for you:

1. Mission Peak Regional Preserve 
43600 Mission Blvd,
Fremont, CA 94539

About: The 3-plus-mile hike to Mission Peak is a popular one with visitors passing a horse corral, shaded woodlands and open grasslands. Additionally, visitors will be able to see the Park District’s restorations efforts of “The Scarface.”
Our Tip: Learn more about the restoration of “The Scarface” before heading out!

2. Alameda Creek Regional Trail
2250 Isherwood Way
Fremont, CA 94536

About: This 12 mile trail runs along the banks of Alameda Creek and all the way towards San Francisco Bay. The trail has markers at quarter-mile intervals to help visitors keep track!
Our Tip: Read more about the history of The Alameda Creek Trail before visiting.

3. Coyote Hills Regional Park 
8000 Patterson Ranch Road
Fremont, CA 94555

About: Coyote Hills Regional Park rests along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay and visitors enjoy bicycling, walking, nature exploration, and picnics.
Our Tip: Download and print the Wildflower Photo Guide to bring along with you!

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